21 September, 2007

Postcard Problems

It's my first time to visit some antique shops and was lucky enough to check out the old postcard on sale. I found some fascinating and interesting postcards but have problems identifying or translating them, thus I need help. Thanks in advance to those who can help me.


Any one have idea what period this card is? The card is unused and does not have any other information on the back, aside of course for the address line and stamp box. I find this fascinating because of the color of the flowers, and of the angelic face of the little girl. Any help?

POSTCARD 2 (Embossed pre-1920)

I was browsing old photographs being sold in a gallery when behold, I saw this used embossed postcard! I was so excited that I immediately bought it without second thoughts! Simple but I was really amazed to see for the first time an embossed card!

Translation (thanks to Bel)

Enero 17, 1914

I wish, (cannot decipher name) your greatness, your glory, your happiness.

Forever Yours,
Erin Ricafort


(thanks to Joya)
Der Rhein - the Rhine River
Koblenz - Koblenz, a city situated on both banks of the Rhine
Bis Koln - Cologne


(thanks to Joya)

Ostfriesland is a coastal region in the northwest of the German Federal State of Lower Saxony.

Wefermündung -- ?


This postcard is my first linen-typed postcard. Hope I got it correctly. Anyone familiar with the monument?


I don't know what type of postcard this is. It looks like a paint or something. I also need a translation at the back.
"Padova. Basilica di Saint' Antonio - Capella ed Altare del Santo"
Padua, Italy Basilica of Saint Anthony - Inside an Altar


(thanks to Joya)
Saint Michael and Gudula's Cathedral

(thanks to Joya)
Maison Du Roi (the breadhouse) -- UNESCO site

Grand Place -


Anyone familiar with this place? I think its in Germany. Below is what's the back looks like. Do help me also in the translation of the dedication. Thanks.

(Thanks to Anne and Kristin)
Mr. Antonio Albert by Hans
Weidemann, Mainz, (unreadable street name)

In memory of/ honor of our ride on the tram line 4b from the main railway station to the steamboat quay.

Summer 1931


Notre Dame de Paris - UNESCO site

Mona - the photgrapher (?)


(Thanks to Anne)
Bonn, Rheinbrücke (Rhine brigde)

(Thanks to Anne)

Mainz, Strassenbrücke (street bridge)


Came across this while reading the postcard entry on Wikipedia,
*Oilette - A trade name used by Raphael Tuck to describe postcards reproduced from original paintings.

That means that above is a painting of Harry Payne. However, after browsing some sites on the site, it doesn't include the above painting on the list done by Harry Payne! Any thoughts anyone? Thanks


Anyone familiar with this ship? Written at the back "Grande Espresso Europa-India (Via Genova) Motorschiff - Victoria"

At the back of the card "SS President Hoover-SS President Coolidge" Which is the name of the ship on the card?

At the back: Lloyd Triestino "Flotte Riunite Lloyd Triestino, Marittima Italiana e Sitmar"

That's it guys... Will be returning to the shops early next week to dig more and see if I can find more postcards. Thank you all.

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