06 October, 2007

More Greeting Postcards

Here are some other "greeting cards" I have in my collection, which I all bought in 1997. Other than Postcard 7 which is by Easter Morning Postcard, all cards are by Hallmark.

Postcard 1: "Are you a chocoholic?"

The bottom part is not a tear, that's how the postcard really looks like. At the back of the card:

ANSWERS: If you answered "yes" to ANY of these questions, you are, indeed, a chocoholic, and should immediately turn over your entire chocolate stash to the sender of this card, who has only your best interests at heart.

Postcard 2: "I'll loan my body to anyone who will exercise it for me."

Postcard 3: "I think I need a hug....

Postcard 4: "Please Don't Write!"

Postcard 5: "Now that I have you attention"

Postcard 6: "No Special Occasion..."

Postcard 7: "Why me?"

Postcard 8: "Question: Why do my toes wiggle every time I think of you?"

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