02 October, 2007

Embosed Greeting Postcards

Postcards can be grouped in two very broad categories: view cards and greeting cards. Greeting cards would include holiday postcards (Christmas, Easter, New Year), birthday cards, portraits of persons, comedy cards, cards with sayings, etc. However, some greetings such as the "Labor Day" cards, are considered scarce.

Early greeting cards are some of the most beautiful cards every printed. Publishers competing for sales, printed cards using intricate embossing techniques, high caliber art work, superior inks, expensive lithographic processes and even novelty additions such as glitter, ribbons, silk and feathers.

Used Birthday Greetings Card
dated January 17, 1914
in Kapampangan (Filipino Language)

Used Greetings Card (linen)
dated December 15, 1914

in Spanish
GA Novelty Art Series no. 1256

G. A. Novelty Co. (1908-1910)
New York, NY
A publisher of simple greeting and unique novelty postcards. They were manufactured in Germany.

Used Greetings Card
dated January 17, 1914
in Spanish

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