04 October, 2007

Modern Greeting Postcards - Andrew Brownsword Postcard Collection

These were also among my first postcards. It was easier for me to research who Andrew Brownsword is and about the collection. However, I found no description about the bears nor the Forever Friends.

Born Andrew Douglas Brownsword, he started the Andrew Brownsword Collection, a publishing business founded in Bath in 1971. Brownsword started by selling greeting cards, before developing the Forever Friends teddy bear genre with artist Deborah Jones in Reading, Berkshire in the early 1980s:

"I wanted to develop a teddy bear that appealed to adults as well as children. I based Forever Friends specifically on the teddy bear that Sebastian Flyte carried around in Brideshead Revisited. It became the bear found in the attic."

The first Forever Friends bears were available in the shops in February 1987. The Andrew Brownsword Collection were later acquired by Hallmark Cards in 1994.

Forever Friends Postcard 1

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