03 October, 2007

Modern Greeting Postcards - Freechese Company

My first postcards were actually these greetings cards, which I bought in 1997. Unfortunately I haven't seen other cards being sold nor stores that still sell them this past few years.

At the back of the postcard was the "supposedly" name of the manufacturer of the postcard, Freecheese and Company. I had hard time gathering information about the said company because Google search does not give relevant results.

Free Cheese & Company Logo

Then I decided to check who Alex (signature on the postcards) is. And at last I found the name of the company that produced the postcards and about the characters on the postcards.

The Alex Company (Biembi's greeting cards) trio was born in 1985, from the pencil of Alex Rinesch, when Free, all big ears and large feet mouse, falls onto Earth from his Cheese Planet. Alone, penniless and seeking for a flat to share, the rebel mouse Free soon meets the sleepy cat Sugar and elephant Little Bo. They are the main characters of a wacky but harmonious universe. The trio plays, studies, works, travels, socializes, falls in love, gets angry…in a word it experiences true emotions.

Surpise! from Free

Happy Birthday! From Free


Romeu said...

At last i found useful information about one of my favourite cats and his troup! I've been searching , like yo did, about freecheese postcards and now, you certaunly facilitate my task! Thanks a lot!I was a little disappointed , because , since I moved from a country where these postcards were everywhere, I lost their track.
Keep going , I'll visit your blog for more interesting information on the subject!

Filipino Deltiologist said...

thanks for the visit and comment!

it took me a while to gather relevant information about the freechese company, but i now know that it was worth it coz it helped you know more about your favorite group..

it has been a while that i havent seen any of their postcards.. its unfortunate coz i love the group.. :(

do check out other entries and visit my blog for more info on other postcards.. enjoy!!

Ingrid said...

I am very glad that finally I found more of the wonderful Alex' charactres. Thank you!
I work as some kind of artist, too, and I would like to use several inspiring works from Alex for my wall paintings, especially for murals in children's bedrooms - so I hope you don't mind if I directly ask you:
Did you contact the company or Alex Rinesch for the copyrights (and: HOW?), and was it hard to get the allowance to use/publish their items?
Thank you and have a cheer- and cheeseful time! ;-)
Greets from Germany

the viajero said...

hi ingrid!

thanks for visiting the blog..

no, i didnt contact the company directly.. am not sure if still have to ask permission from them to post the postcards..

but just to make sure, you can check out their website (the blog entry has a link) and try to contact them..

cheeseful time to you as well..

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, I will turn to the company (wich is in Italy how I found out meanwhile, and Mr. Alex Rinesch lives there, as well)
if you want me to, I'll inform you about the answer.
have a good time and always a tasty piece of cheese in spare ;-)

Ingrid said...

Hi,I have got good news about the "father of freecheese" and I want to share them with you:

Meanwhile, Mr. Rinesch lives in Italy. You find his company in the Internet here: http://www.alex-company.it/htm/homeF.htm
A couple of days ago, courageously, I wrote directly to Mr. Rinesch. With trembling fingers on the keyboard... feeling very brave... and imagine, I really received an answer, a very kind answer as well.

Mr. Rinesch explained to me thoroughly, why nowadays freechesese cards aren't available any more. They were created in a time he hab a contract with the card-brand "Verkerke". But nowadays, he changed the print partner and works together with the brand "Hallmark" now, and these cards are mainly sold in Benelux and Scandinavia, but not in the other European Coutries.

And - how wonderful! - he also permitted me to publish my re-makes of his postcards on my homepage, and so I did immediately, of course. (I didn't really expect him to give me this allowance, because of the rigid restrictions of German and European copyrights). Of course ,I feel very glad and proud now...

If you are interested in having a look at these works of mine, you can find them now on my homepage www.wandklex.de - click the Button "klexpapiere" on the right Frame and then choose in the opening new fraqme the button "cartoons". The very first picture is another one, butafter scrolling it down, there are following some of my Freecheese-remakes.

Hope you enjoy it; thanks again for your support.

I wish you a cheeseful christmas time,