12 October, 2007

USNS Barrett (T-AP-196) Postcard

My first naval ship postcard is the USNS Barrett (T-AP-196). The back of the postcard gave this information: "Named in honor of Major Gen. Charles D. Barrett, USMC. The Barrett is the newest and most modern troop ship in the M.S.T.S. fleet. 534 feet long, 73 feet wide, and can do 20-1/2 knots. Used for carrying troops and dependents."

USNS Barrett Postcard

Here is a more extensive information about USNS Barrett:

Barrett Class Transport was laid down on 1 June 1949 as SS President Jackson, a Maritime Commission type (P2-S1-DN3) hull, under Maritime Commission contract, (MC Hull 2914) at New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, N.J. USNS was launched on 27 June 1950 and acquired by the US Navy and placed in service on 21 March 1952 by the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) as USNS Barrett (T-AP-196).

It was placed out of service in 1973 and struck from the Naval Register on 1 June 1973. It was then delivered by the Maritime Commission, for conversion to a training ship for the State University of New York Maritime College, at Fort Schuyler, N.Y. and renamed T.S. Empire State V.

It was returned to the Maritime Administration in 1990 for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, James River, Fort Eustis, VA. Final Disposition: Scrapping contract was awarded to Bay Bridge Enterprises, Chesapeake, VA on 13 June 2007 for $851,194.

Displacement 11,255 t.(lt)
Length 533' 9"
Beam 73' 3"
Draft 27' 1"
Speed 19 kts.
Complement 219
Troop Accommodations 2,000
Armament none
Propulsion steam turbine, single shaft, 13,750hp

Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons:
Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation - National Defense Service Medal (2-stars)
Korean Service Medal (1) - Vietnam Service Medal (3) - Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation (11)
United Nations Service Medal - Vietnam Campaign Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)

USNS Barrett


Anonymous said...

my husband and I were on this ship back in 1962 on our way to Hawaii from San Francisco. Of coarse that was when it was no longer being used in war.
years later my brother-in-law told me he was on that ship also,many years before.
Where is the ship now ?
I also have a post card of the Barrett.

the viajero said...

wow.. thank you for the information. i didnt know that it traveled the pacific! was it like a military transport? ill try to research more about the ship..

as far as i know what i found is that
on 18 July 2007, the ship was towed to the scrapyard at Bay Bridge Enterprises in Chesapeake. so it probably was scapped. :(

Anonymous said...

I sailed on the USNS Barrett from San Francisco to Vietnam in April 1968. It took about 3 weeks to get there. Quite a cruise for this Army draftee. There were about 1800 soldiers on the ship from a variety of units.
Kinda sorry they scrapped it. It literally held a boatload of memories for a lot of servicemen.

Tom Chumley said...

In 1953 (age 7 years) my Mother, brother and I sailed on this ship from San Francisco to Manila; we were USAF military dependents. We returned on her in 1956. I recall only stopping at Guam, going both ways. Trip out was ROUGH, lots of storms. I recall the flying fish well. I still have my 180th meridian certificate & perhaps a few ship's newsletters. Men had to wear jackets and ties or uniforms at the evening meal. My brother was only 16-17 in 1956, but he was big & tall, so he had to wear his Boy Scout uniform to last mess of the day. I still have that uniform.

Interesting Stuff said...

It is interesting, but I have a real photo postcard of this ship with the name spelled incorrectly. It is inscribed on the photo "U.S.N.S. Barret" and shows the ship at sea under power.

Anonymous said...

May 1954, age 11, father in US Army. We traveled on the Barrett from San Franciso to Honolulu. Dad was stationed at Fort Shafter, at the "Pineapple Pentagon". a.k.a.: Headquarters, U.S.Army Base Command, Hawaii. Lt. Col. Jay W. Foster, Commanding Officer, US Army Finance & Accounting Center. I remember our trips to and from from the Islands. We had a blast ! I still have the little booklet titled: "The Ship I Sailed On....U.S. Naval Ship Barrett."

Anonymous said...

My wife of less than 2 years and I traveled from San Francisco to Subic Bay, Philippines in 1962 on the Barrett. The trip took 32 days and we were dodging storms all the way. At one point, we were taking 17-degree rolls. I loved it (being Navy) but she didn't.

Anonymous said...

My family left the Philippines on April 19th 1957 to return to the US after my father, an Air Force Master Sargeant's tour of duty was over in the PI. The Barrett was carrying thousands of troops at the time but we seldom got sight of them as the ship was so large. It was an incredible voyage, we stopped in Guam and could not leave the ship due to a measles quarantine. We did get to leave after a few days. Spent a day or two docked at Pearl Harbor and then on to San Francisco. Unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

I boarded on Guam in Aug. '57. Headed home for discharge in SFO. Rough seas all the way until we left Hawaii. I was amazed to see the ocean looking like a smooth mirror. You could see the ocean currents. Plenty of seasick ness. And, yes, flying fish by the millions. Great memories.

Old Army Colonel said...

My mother, younger sister, and I sailed from Fort Mason (San Francisco) to Guam in Jan 1956. Dad was already at Andersen AFB. I too have a copy of the booklet "The Ship I Sailed On" and a desktop "180th Meridian Cigarette Lighter". Just before I came home from RVN in Dec 1971, I saw the Barrett at Cam Ranh Bay. Talked to a CPO from her who told me that they were transporting ROK troops to/from ROK.
Always thought she was a beautiful ship.
Old Army Colonel

Old Tanker said...

I sailed on the USNS Barrett with the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor from Oakland (San Francisco) to Vung Tau, Vietnam by way of Subic Bay, Philippines. We left SF on August 22, 1966 and arrived in Vung Tau on September 10, 1966, a 20 day voyage. We originally were planned to go by way of Okinawa but a typhoon caused us to be diverted to Subic Bay.