11 November, 2007

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Postcard

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge (also known as the Ben Franklin Bridge), originally named the Delaware River Bridge, is a suspension bridge across the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey. It was named for American statesman Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Postcard
(PH Wish from Linda Jenkins)

The chief engineer was Polish-born Ralph Modjeski, its design engineer was Leon Moisseiff, and the supervising architect was Paul Philippe Cret. Physical construction of the Delaware River Bridge began on January 6, 1922. At its completion on July 1, 1926, its 533-metre span made it the world's longest suspension bridge span, a distinction it would hold until the opening of the Ambassador Bridge in 1929.

Design: steel suspension bridge
Longest span: 533.4 meters (1,750 feet)
Total length: 2,917.86 meters (9,573 feet)
Width: 39.01 meters (128 feet)
Vertical clearance: 5.12 meters (16.8 feet)
Clearance below: 41.19 meters (135 feet)

Benjamin Franklin Bridge Wikipedia Entry

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