10 November, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge, NY Postcard

The next postcard is the night view of Brooklyn Bridge with the Twin Towers still standing in the background.

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, stretches 5,989 feet (1825 m) over the East River connecting the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. On completion, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world and the first steel-wire suspension bridge. Originally referred to as the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, it was dubbed the Brooklyn Bridge in an 1867 letter to the editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and formally so named by the city government in 1915.

Brooklyn Bridge Postcard
(Trade with Barbara Sussman)

The bridge was designed by German-born John Augustus Roebling in Trenton, New Jersey. Washington Roebling became assistant engineer on the Brooklyn Bridge, and rose to chief engineer after John Roebling's death in mid-1869. He made several important improvements on the bridge design and further developed bridge building techniques. Construction began in January 3, 1870. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed thirteen years later and was opened for use on May 24, 1883. The towers are built of limestone, granite, and Rosendale cement. Their architectural style is Gothic, with characteristic pointed arches above the passageways through the stone towers.

Design: Suspension/Cable-stay Hybrid
Longest span: 1,595 feet 6 inches (486.3 m)
Total length: 5,989 feet (1825 m)
Width: 85 feet (26 m)
Clearance below: 135 feet (41 m) at mid-span

Brooklyn Bridge Wikipedia Entry

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