01 November, 2007

Mainz Eisenbahnbrucke Postcard

I am now done with the map postcards in my collection. Next to be shown are my bridge postcards, mostly given as Postcard Heaven wishes.

This is my third German old bridge postcard. But I was luckier this time because I was able to find information about the bridge (German Wikipedia), and the current picture of the bridge. I'd prefer the old bridge. Too bad it was destroyed during WWII.

Mainz-Gustavsburger Eisenbahnbrücke Postcard

The Mainz South Bridge (also called Mainz-Gustavsburger Eisenbahnbrücke or Mainz-Gustav Local Railway Bridge) was built from 1860 - 1862, and combines part of the Rhine-Main railway and the main railway Mainz with Gustav's castle.

The original bridge had four major lens makers, including Pauli carrier (after the engineer Friedrich August von Pauli), followed by a long right-flood bridge with 31 other fields of views. Both bridge-heads was built with bridge towers that would defend the bridge in case of a war.

Basic Data
Location: Mainz-old town - Ginsheim-Gustavsburg
Use: Eisenbahnbrücke (Railway Bridge)
Construction: 1860 - 1862
Architect: Gottfried Heinrich Gerber
Construction: Pauli makers (including lens makers)
Destruction: 1945
Reconstruction: 1948-1949

Technical Data
Length: 1028 m
Width: 12.6 m
Height: 9 m
Building materials: Steel, stone
Spans: 106.6 - 105.6 - 105.6 - 106.6 m.

The South Bridge was destroyed during the Second World War. The bridge with two adjacent K-steel truss beams, each 12 m high and 424 metres long on common pillars, was rebuilt. Today there are only the western bridge towers.

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