25 November, 2007

Patapat Viaduct Postcard

The Patapat Viaduct is elevated 31 meters over sea level and 1.3 km concrete coastal bridge connecting Maharlika Highway to the Cagayan Valley Region that was constructed along winding/rocky headlands near the northernmost roadway section in Ilocos Norte. According to the locals, it was actually built with the help of Koreans. This viaduct was constructed to solve the problem of landslides in the area which have caused so many vehicular accidents in the past.

Patapat Viaduct Postcard

I have passed thru this viaduct four times already, and I always enjoy the view of the ocean below and the mountains! Picture perfect!!!

Me and the Viaduct

Built on the slope of a mountain, the Patapat Viaduct provides an unobscured view of the South China Sea. The bridge is often referred to as the French Riviera of the North. While at the middle of the bridge you can take a look at the awesome view of the sea below and the verdant mountains at the other side. Footed on the rocky seashore just several meters from the mountain side it gives motorists a spectacular view of Pasaleng Bay.

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luigibadrian said...

I truly agree with you in this! I just love this viaduct! I have more pictures and details in http://nomadstale.wordpress.com/pagudpuds-best/ Love your blog! will read more!