24 November, 2007

Quirino Bridge Postcards

Quirino Bridge, otherwise referred to as ‘Banaoang bridge’, is named after the late former President Elpidio Qurino who was the sixth president of the Philippines, born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur on November 16, 1890. There is no information on when the bridge was built nor its stats, but apparently it was already there as early as the Second World War (maybe during the American Era?) and it even survived the bombings of the war.

Quirino Bridge Postcard 1

The bridge spreads across the Abra river connecting the rocky mountain slopes of the townof Santa and the tail end of Bantay. It majestically connects and separates two transcending mountains and widely praised because of its marvelous engineering and grand architectural design as glorified by its splendid panoramic beauty, strength and durability.

Quirino Bridge Postcard 2

The bridge was destroyed and damaged when one of its steel spans was washed away at the height of super typhoon Feria that devastated the province on July 4-6, 2001. You can notice that the third span on the second postcard is quite different from the first postcard.

Now there is a construction of a new bridge that started west of the river, to be opened by 2010. After that, Quirino bridge will probably be torn down.

Bantay, Ilocos Sur Tourism: Quirino Bridge

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Anonymous said...

please do not break down the old quirino bridge because it is one of the attractions of vigan. . It reminds as of the past about the japanese who came here. .