08 November, 2007

Springfield Memorial Bridge Postcard

The Memorial Bridge is a reinforced-concrete arch bridge that spans the Connecticut River between Springfield, Massachusetts and West Springfield, Massachusetts. The Connecticut River was first bridged at Springfield in 1805, by an open wooden bridge said to have been "mongrel in style." This collapsed in 1814 and was replaced by a covered wooden Burr arch-truss bridge built by Isaac Damon of Northampton.

Springfield Memorial Bridge Postcard
(Trade with Barbara Sussman)

In 1915, the Hampden County Commissioners opened hearings to discuss construction of a new bridge, but it wasn't until the winter of 1918/19 that the location and overall design of the present concrete arch bridge were finally agreed upon. The bridge was built in 1922 by H.P. Converse & Co. (at $3,254,883) and was designed by Fay Spofford & Thorndike, with Haven & Hoyt, architects. The completed bridge was opened to traffic on August 3, 1922. When the bridge was refurbished in 1992, Fay Spofford & Thorndike was again involved.

The four plaques on the central towers honor the original colonists, and veterans of the American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, and World War I.

Design : reinforced-concrete arch bridge
Longest span : 209 ft (63.7 m)
Total length : 1515 ft (461.8 m)
Width 82.5 ft: (25.1 m)

Memorial Bridge, Massachusetts Highway Department

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