07 November, 2007

Porter's Bluff Bridge Postcard

Unfortunately the postcard does not mention the name of the bridge, so I had hard time researching information about it. Thanks to Historic Bridges of the US website, I was able to find a similar bridge, if not exact, in the White River area. The name I found is Porter's Bluff Bridge. The two images have the same span design (if that's what you call it), so I concluded they must be the same bridge!

Porter's Bluff Bridge Postcard
(PH Wish from Janet Durfee)

Overview: Lost through truss over White River (now Beaver Lake) on AR 12 east of Rogers
Location: Benton County, Arkansas
Status: Replaced by a modern bridge in conjunction with the creation of Beaver Lake
History: Built 1904; replaced 1963
Design: Main span: Pin-connected, 11-panel Parker through truss

Porter's Bluff Bridge (BridgeHunter)

Historic Bridges of the US: Porter's Bluff Bridge (text and image)


Anonymous said...

These are not the same Bridge. The top one is a Railroad Bridge and the bottom is car traffic on Highway 12 east of Rogers Arkansas, now removed.

filipino deltiologist said...

Thanks for the info. Will have to do more research to find out the name of the railroad bridge.