31 December, 2007

Our Lady of the Chapel Church Postcard

The back of the postcard reads:

Bruxelles - Brussel
L' Eglise Notre Dame de la Chapelle
De Onze Lieve Vrouw ter Kapellekerk
The Our Lady of the Chapel Church
Die Unsere Frau zur Kapellekirche

Church of the Chapel Postcard
(PH Wish from Richard Young)

Even if the postcard said it's the Our Lady of the Chapel Church, I had hard time finding information about the painting, the artist nor the church itself. I used the Dutch name of the church for me to be able to gather information on the postcard.

The postcard shows the Church of the Chapel or Église de la Chapelle (French) or Kapellekerk (Dutch), a church situated in the Marollen/Marolles district of Brussels, Belgium. It was founded in 1134 by Godfrey I of Leuven near what were then the town ramparts, and the present structure dates from the 13th century. It has large pilasters, capitals and columns between the chapels. There are also the statues of 10 of the apostels and 2 statues of Our Lady.

Kapellekerk Wikipedia Entry

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