17 January, 2008

Angelus (Oracion) by Amorsolo Postcard

The postcard shows the 1959 painting by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo entitled Angelus (also called Oracion on another website). Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (May 30, 1892 - April 26, 1972) is one of the most important artists in the history of painting in the Philippines. Amorsolo was a portraitist and painter of rural Philippine landscapes. He is popularly known for his craftsmanship and mastery in the use of light. In 1972, Fernando Amorsolo became the first Filipino to be distinguished as the Philippine's National Artist in Painting.

Angelus Postcard

Unfortunately, I couldn't find additional information about the painting nor the location (private collection or museum).

It has been a part of Filipino Catholic life to pray the Angelus. The Angelus (lat. Angel) is a Christian devotion in memory of the Incarnation. It consists of three Biblical verses describing the mystery, recited as versicle and response, alternating with the salutation "Hail Mary!" and traditionally is recited in Catholic churches, convents and monasteries three times daily, 6:00 a.m., 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m, accompanied by the ringing of the Angelus bell.

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