20 January, 2008

Barrio Fiesta by Amorsolo Postcard

The postcard shows another oil on canvas painting of Fernando Amorsolo entitled Barrio Fiesta. I also couldn't find additional information about the painting nor its location (private collection or museum).

Barrio Fiesta Postcard

Barrio fiesta, which means neighborhood celebration, is an integral part of the Filipino culture through which different neighborhoods in the Philippines celebrate their patron saints. The fiesta is a social ritual as well, bonding the community in festive spirit and local color.

A Barrio Fiesta theme party promises a cultural feast with pastoral-inspired entertainment. The traditional features of a town or barrio celebration are recaptured in lively music and dances, costumes, cockfights, bamboo lanterns and an array of native food serve in true fiesta style: on banana leaves and eaten in true fiesta spirit with bare hands.

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