24 February, 2008

Boeing 747 - Air France Postcard

The postcard shows an Air France Boeing 747. The Boeing 747, often referred to by the nickname "Jumbo Jet", is among the world's most recognizable aircraft, and was the first wide-body commercial airliner ever produced. First flown commercially in 1970, it held the passenger capacity record for 37 years, until it was surpassed by the Airbus A380.

Boeing 747 Postcard

Air France was an early Boeing 747 operator. It eventually operated one of the world's largest 747 fleets.

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William Reeve said...

I have a copy of the post card shown in this item. Can anyone identify the distant background location? william_reeve@shaw.ca

filipino deltiologist said...

hi will,

unfortunately no luck in identifying the background location..