04 February, 2008

Patintero by Doctolero Postcard

The postcard shows an artwork by Ferdinand R. Doctolero entitled Patintero in acricolor and pastel. Ferdinand R. Doctolero attended college at the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts in Quezon City.He also designs and illustrates Children's books and has worked with publishers like Adarna, Bookmark, Lampara, Tahanan, and Vibal Publishing.

Patintero Postcard

I found no information regarding the painting nor its location (private collection or museum), but his works are still being exhibited in permanent collections of banks, museums and as part of private collections.

Patintero or harangang taga - try to cross my line without letting me to touch or catch you - Each member of the group who is "it" stands on the water lines. The perpendicular line in the middle allows the "it" designated on that line to intersect the lines occupied by the "it" that the parallel line intersects, thus increasing the chances of the runners to be trapped.

Kulay-Diwa Gallery: Ferdinand Doctolero
Traditional games in the Philippines: Patintero Wikipedia Entry

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