21 February, 2008

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Postcard

The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, nicknamed "Mighty Fitz," "The Fitz," or "The Big Fitz," was an American lake freighter, launched on June 8, 1958. On February 1, 1957, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin contracted Great Lakes Engineering Works (GLEW), of River Rouge, Michigan, to design and build an ore bulk carrier laker for Northwestern. The contract contained the stipulation that the boat be the largest on the Great Lakes.

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald Postcard
(PH Wish from Sarah Konichek)

During a Lake Superior gale storm on November 10, 1975, the Fitzgerald sank suddenly, without sending any distress signals, in 530 feet (162 m) of water.The initial search for survivor consisted of the Arthur M. Anderson, and a second freighter, SS William Clay Ford. The efforts of a third freighter, the Canadian vessel Hilda Marjanne, were foiled by the weather. The search recovered debris, including lifeboats and rafts, but no survivors.

Length: 729 feet (222.2 m) oa
Depth: 39 feet
Propulsion: Carried 72,000 U.S. gallons fuel oil
Capacity: 26,600 short tons (24,100 t)
Crew: 29

SS Edmund Fitzgerald Wikipedia Entry

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