05 April, 2008

Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of Light Postcard

The Curitiba Minor Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of Light (Curitiba Catedral Basílica Menor de Nossa Senhora da Luz) was inaugurated in 1893, built in the neo-Gothic style and inspired by Barcelona Cathedral. The cathedral is known as the birthplace of Curitiba City.

Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of Light Postcard
(PH Wish from Suzanne Stadler)

With its interesting history it holds a strong Brazilian influence within its structure. Stained-glass windows in the church were donated by local families and furniture is made of Brazilian walnut. "Our Lady of Light" was the original image inside the Cathedral and came from Portugal in 1720. "Our Lady of Light" is now kept in the Paraná Museum.

Curitiba City, State of Parana, Brazil

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