11 April, 2008

Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Visitation of Piat Postcard

Our Lady of Piat is a 400-year old image of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. The itinerary of the Blessed Image of Our Lady of Piat started in Macao (China) from where it was brought to Manila. From Manila she was taken to Lallo and from there to Piat. Spearheaded by the archbishop Diosdado Talamayan and said to be partly built of the old bricks from the original ermita, the new shrine broke ground in 1988, blessed by the Cardinal Sin in 1995 and was regarded as a minor basilica in 1999.

Our Lady of Piat Postcard

No description of the image is given by any of the historians, though it is often mentioned that is "of talla" (a sculpture or statue, as opposed to a painting or canvass).
Perhaps the greatest attraction is the miracles. Famous is the early story about the drought. In 1624, the region was suffering from a terrible one. Facing famine, the people turned to their priest, who advised them to “make their peace with God by going to the Sacrament and making a novena to the Blessed Mother.” The people did, going to confession, receiving Holy Communion and reciting a novena to Our Lady of Piat. In the middle of their novena, rain fell.

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