21 April, 2008

Cathedral of Our Lady of Atonement Postcards

Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, better known as Baguio Cathedral, is a Catholic cathedral located in Baguio City. The cathedral has a distinct pink facade with a rose window and twin square bell towers with pyramidal roofs.

Baguio Cathedral Postcard 1

The site where the cathedral currently stands was a hill referred to as "Kampo" by the Ibaloi people. In 1907, a Catholic mission was established by Belgian missionaries from the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae, who named the site Mount Mary. Construction on the cathedral itself was began in 1920. The building was completed by 1936, and consecrated that year, dedicated to Our Lady of Atonement.

Baguio Cathedral Postcard 2

The cathedral is accessible to pedestrians from Session Road through a 100-step stone staircase. The Baguio Cathedral is also distinct for probably being the only Cathedral in the world that owns and operates its own shopping center, called Porta Vaga, partially built from donations from church-goers, coyed into thinking they were building a supporting wall for the hillside that collapsed during the earthquake of 16 July 1990.

Baguio Cathedral Postcard 3

Baguio Cathedral Postcard 4

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