03 May, 2008

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Postcard

On January 6, 1976, St. Nicholas Church, named in honor of the protector of the seamen, was elevated to the rank of a Cathedral of West Florida. The first small-framed church was painted white with a cross over the entrance.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Postcard
(PH Wish from Linda Jenkins)

In 1935, it was felt that the first church was no longer able to house and serve its community. The original frame was worn due to a fire. The architects, Eugene Brothers of Chicago, sought to create an original design by combining the Byzantine architecture with Gothic d├ęcor and a touch of modern. The one true Byzantine characteristic of the church is the large dome around which many stained glass windows have been placed to catch the sunlight as it shines into the church. The windows depict various episodes in the life of Jesus Christ and various saints. These stained glass windows were hand painted in 1942 to 1943 by Joseph V. Llorens of Atlanta Georgia.

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