16 May, 2008

Wat Ratchanaddaram Postcard

Wat Ratchanaddaram, a Buddhist temple which means Royal Niece, was built to the order of King Nangklao (Rama III) for Mom Chao Ying Sommanus Wattanavadi in 1846.

Wat Ratchanaddaram Postcard
(Bought by my sister during her visit to Bangkok)

The temple is best known for the Loha Prasat, a one of a kind in structure Thailand. The pagoda is a replica of the Loha Prasat built in India. It is 36 m high and has 37 metal spires, signifying the 37 virtues toward enlightenment. In 2005, the temple was submitted to UNESCO for consideration as a future World Heritage Site.

Wat Ratchanadda Wikipedia Entry

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