08 June, 2008

Cathedral of Mary and St. Severus Church Postcard

Erfurt's city is dominated by the Mariendom (Cathedral of Mary) and the Severikirche (St. Severus Church) on the Cathedral Hill and 70 Steps run between the magnificent architectural ensemble of the churches. Inside the cathedral one can view the impressive gothic choir with its colorful cycle of stained glass windows. The 13 windows are more than 40 feet high. The Cathedral houses many noteworthy treasures of art created over the centuries.

Cathedral of Mary and St. Severus Church Postcard
(PH Wish from Suzanne Stadler)

The Severikirche (also St. Severi-Kirche, Church of St. Severus) stands next to the Dom on a small hill in Erfurt. A five-naved early Gothic hall church, Severikirche was built a collegiate church for the regular canons of St. Augustine during the 12th century. The most important furnishing in Severikirche is the monument tomb of St. Severus, carved out of a soft pink sandstone around 1365 by an artist known only as "the Master of St. Severus."

Mariendom and Severikirche
Severikirche, Erfurt

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