01 June, 2008

St. Paul and St. Peter Church Postcard

Fr. Luis Candullo began the construction of a church for the Patron Saints San Pedro y San Pablo de Calasiao. This was ruined by an earthquake a few years later. In 1736 the insurrectos led by Palaris of Binalatongan (now San Carlos) burned the church.

Calasiao Church Postcard

After a few years, Fr. Daimau reconstructed it this time with strong materials, and this is the church that we find today in Calasiao. It is 88.30 meters long, 25 meters wide and 27.30 meters high. Construction began in 1753 and it was completed in 1858. The tower is about 30 meters high, this church is considered one of the best in Pangasinan architectural design.

The postcard also show the Señor Divino Tesoro Chapel which houses the image of Señor Divino Tesoro. In its windows are the 14 Stations of the Cross done in stained glass.

Calasiao : "Lugar de Rayos"

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