16 July, 2008

Calle de la Escolta Postcards

Named "La Escolta" as this was the former quarters of the Royal Spanish Escort of the Governor-General of Manila. From the 19th century until the late sixties, it remained a fashionable district in Old Binondo selling only the finest silks from China, perfumes from Paris, crystals, jewelry, furniture and luxury goods from Spain and the rest of Europe.

Calle de la Escolta Postcard 1
(Casa Burke en la Escolta, Circa 1880)

The back of the postcard below reads:

Escolta is the main street of Binondo or New Manila, and is a well-paved thoroughfare, lighted by electricity. Large dry goods and other retail stores line its sides and throngs of pedestrians, marketwomen , carts and carriages add to its picturesqueness.

Calle de la Escolta Postcard 2

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