30 July, 2008

Casa Gorordo Museum Postcards

Casa Gorordo was initially the home of the first Filipino Bishop of Cebu, Juan Gorordo (1910-32). Now restored, this museum serves as a display of a typical Filipino home of the 19th century. It is built of bituka tabliya (coral stone blocks) and roofed with tile. It has all the typical features of a bahay na bato (balay nga bato): wooden upper story, ventanillas, sliding capiz windows, etc.

Casa Gorordo Museum Postcard 1

The second story is furnished with antique furniture and has a collection of costumes, books and memorabilia from the past. Worth noting is the master’s bedroom which displays a collection of sayas. A room in the residence was outfitted to become a chapel, which displays a pasyon manuscript in Cebuano. Another item in the house collection is an antique nativity set. The garden has been landscaped and a new service building, inspired by 19th century architecture, has been built beside Casa Gorordo.

Casa Gorordo Museum Postcard 2

It showcases the religious relics, paintings, antique furniture and other household items. The museum also displays modern-day art exhibits, ceramics, pottery and other cultural activities. Also found here are small and life-size statues of saints and other figurines.

Casa Gorordo

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