27 July, 2008

El Baile Tinikling Postcard

I was browsing the Filipiniana section of a local bookstore when I came across paintings of Fernando Amorsolo.

The actual title of the painting is "El Baile Tinikling" and not Barrio Fiesta. Here are some other information:

Oil on canvas
32 x 47.25
Ester Gabaldon Collection

El Baile Tinikling Postcard (not Barrio Fiesta)

Barrio Fiesta by Amorsolo Postcard


Elmer said...

Yes, I agree. The title is "El Baile Tinikling". In 1985 Mr Delfin Yu, the first owner commissioned me to clean this painting. I was still a student in UPCFA. This was my first project in art restoration. In my study in Fine Arts, I was fortunate to have teachers who discussed in our classes some methods & techniques employed by art restorers back then. One professor even discussed Amorsolo's techniques and the materials that he used before the & during the war. Another professor even asked us to do a forgery plate. He's Mr Chabet. We were supposed to copy a painting of any of the masters. I did a Van Gogh. My interest was also drawn to restoration when I heard about the story of the Mona Liza painting, stolen and forged. I also took up archeology as my
That was my training. I was very very careful in the restoration work. It took hours just to do surface cleaning since this painting was displayed in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. I also did minor patch up of a chipped off paint on the middle of the tree.
Presently I'm an Art teacher, a muralist, painter, sculptor and an art restorer. I go by the name of Erimon. I'm a resident artist of Bohemian Nation. I am also doing art restoration of another Amorsolo, two Castanedas, one by Hipol and another by an unknown artist who painted Sr Santiago. Some of what I learned in the 80's about art restoration are obsolete already. There are new methods and techniques used now and more materials are readily available.
Regarding the wrong title, I wondered who renamed it.

filipino deltiologist said...

thanks so much elmer. you are one lucky person to have worked and restored such masterpieces of filipino painters. i just hope more and more filipino paintings can be appreciated by all.

good luck in restoring another amorsolo, i hope to have a postcard of all his work..