02 July, 2008

San Miguel Brewery Postcard

Under a royal grant from Spain, Enrique Barretto y de Ycaza opened La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel, Southeast Asia's first brewery, on September 29, 1890 at 6 Calzada de MalacaƱang in Manila, near the Palace of the Governor-General of the Philippines. He named the company after the section of Manila in which he lived and worked.

San Miguel Brewery, Manila Postcard


denise said...

Wow!! This is awesome!!
Where did you get this?
I'm also a postcard collector.

filipino deltiologist said...

hi denise.. bought the postcard few years back sa bookmark.. am not sure kung meron pa silang stock sa mga repro postcards..

Anonymous said...

Hi Filipino Deitologist! I'm Cheng Bigay from PCDSPO. Can I have your email address? I wish to send you a letter asking permission to use one of your postcards for our project. Thank you!

filipino deltiologist said...

hi cheng! sent an email to ur chengbigay gmail.. thanks!