17 August, 2008

Hotel Commodore New York Postcard

The postcard shows the Hotel Commodore, New York. The ornate, limestone Hotel Commodore rose up next to Grand Central Terminal. The back of the postcard does not provide information about the postcard, but I was able to find another postcard of the hotel online and a little bit information about the old hotel. It reads:

The unexcelled location of the COMMODORE affords the New York visitor ready access to anything and EVERYTHING of interest and importance in this fabulous city. Midtown on 42nd Street at Lexington Avenue. Grand Central Terminal is right next door, with a special entrance from the concourse into the Lower Lobby. Pennsylvania Station is only a few minutes away. Airlines Terminals (both East Side and West Side) are with prompt and easy reach. Airlines Annex, handling ticket sales and information, is diagonally opposite the Commodore. Just a step from all midtown centers.

Hotel Commodore New York Postcard

In 1974 Donald Trump bought the Commodore Hotel for $10 million and then worked out a deal with Jay Pritzker to transform it into one of the first Grand Hyatt hotels. The complementary masonry from the Commodore was covered with a blue mirror-glass "slipcover" façade - the masonry still exists underneath. Today, Hotel Commodore is known as the Grand Hyatt.

The Grand Hyatt New York offers a total of 1,311 guest rooms, including 65 suites. Newly remodeled guest rooms and suites feature European-style bedding and pillow-top mattresses. Baths feature granite vanities, imported stone flooring, and marble shower stalls.

109 East 42nd Street at Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY 10017 USA
Tel: +1 212 883 1234


Anonymous said...

Actually most of the masonry was removed to te steel, the only masonry remaining was the limestone on the lower 5 or so floors, and workers tooks jackhammers to the carved figural panels and destroyed them by removing all projecting surfaces to make it flush.


the viajero said...

hi randall.. thanks so much for the added information.. so the only remaining original part of the building is the lower 5 floors.. thanks again.