21 August, 2008

Hotel Russell London Postcard

The postcard shows the exterior of Hotel Russell, a four star hotel, located on Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London. The Hotel Russell was built in 1898 by the architect C. Fitzroy Doll. The Russell Hotel, which dates from 1898, has one of the grandest exteriors of any London hotel.

Hotel Russell Postcard

The imposing Victorian façade of Hotel Russell greets visitors. The magnificent mosaic floor in the lobby was laid when the hotel was originally built and has been fully restored to its original state after being covered up due to war damage. The 373 bedrooms at the Hotel Russel have been redesigned. The C. Fitzroy Doll restaurant, which is named after the architect, is said to be almost identical to the RMS Titanic's dining room which he also designed.

1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 5BE, UK

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