26 August, 2008

Update on Saint Joseph Parish Church Postcard

Last May 31, 2008, I showed my Saint Joseph Parish Church postcard, with not that much information regarding the church. I was checking my books when I came across an architectural description of the church.

Saint Joseph Parish Church Postcard

Architectural Description:
It is a melting pot of Ilocos Church features - S-curves on the facade, bricks as main building material, absence of a transept, the presence of exterior stairway, and the facade at the western end.

Horizontal grooves, portraying Neo-Mudejar touches, are knitted at the upper part of the facade. Faint vestiges of stucco design, however are still discernible. It is evident from traces left on the rear side of the west front, that at various times there were at least two roofs of varying pitches, perhaps representing a couple of different facades.

Rectangular piers were employed as fulcrum for the framework of the main facade-a noticeable common feature of churches south of Laoag River. A retable type main altar and two side altars staffed with twin columns fill the chapel sides. And paired columns with composite capitals adorn the walls of the nave with intervals.

SOURCE: Ilocos Review, Volume 3, Number 1 & 2, January-December 1971. Churches in Ilokandia, p. 262

Saint Joseph Parish Church Postcard

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