21 September, 2008

Philippine Blog Awards 2

Last August, I received an email from the Philippine Blog Awards team informing me that this blog has been nominated for the Best Blog under the Hobby / Recreation Category. I honestly wasn't expecting this, but I got excited. My main goal is just to show here my postcard collection and of course give a lit bit of information about the image/s on the postcard, and giving awareness on deltiology (postcard collecting) in the country.

This morning I again received an email, informing me that my blog is one of the finalists for the Best Blog- Hobby/Recreation category! The winner will be announced during the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards Night, on September 21,2008. Win or lose, I'm glad that Filipinos are now aware of postcard collecting!


Greg Quimpo said...

Hi there,

I was the guy who walked with you and your friend after the PBA awarding ended. Nice meeting you.

Next time again. :-)

Filipino Deltiologist said...

hi greg! it was nice meeting you too. wished we had more time talk to other bloggers (about our blogs), but maybe next year! good luck on your advocacy.