12 October, 2008

Consuming Passions: Philippine Collectibles

Every time I visit bookstores, I go to the hobbies section, hoping to see a book or two that mainly focuses on postcards, especially Philippine postcards. I got excited when I came across the book "Consuming Passions: Philippine Collectibles" not only because it has a section about Philippine postcards, but it also lists two books about Philippine postcards. I got more excited when I found out that the National Library carry those two books.

(1) Consuming Passions: Philippine Collectibles
By Jaime C. Laya, editor
Publisher: Anvil Publishing
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 404

This book is a collaboration of remarkable individuals drawn together by editor and former Chair of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, Jaime Laya. The items in the books are categorized with Philippine postcards listed under "objects we gaze at." The essay by Jonathan Best, an avid collector of Philippine photographs and postcards and a publisher, on pages 130-137 provides valuable information that a novice collector must know about collecting postcards, particularly Philippine postcards.

It also discusses the history of Philippine postcards, from American era picture postcards to modern/post 1950s postcards. The best part is that it lists publishers and distributors of Philippine postcards, like the Lambert and Springer Company, the Squires and Bingham Company, Philippine Education Company (PECO), etc., and the places one can purchase old postcards. Unfortunately these companies, I believe, does not exist anymore.

With the help of this essay, I also learned that there are two other books published about Philippine postcards, both of which are included in this blog entry. Lastly the essay mentions the names of Michael G. Price and Abraham Q. Luspo, Jr., who both have large collection of Philippine postcards, and have written researched articles about Philippine postcards. Too bad I couldn't find Mr. Price's contact information online. (Mr. Luspo died last July 2, 2008.)

Additional Information:
Abraham Q. Luspo, Jr. -- Pathfinder in Philippine Philately

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