09 October, 2008

busy.. busy... busy

It has been several weeks since I last blogged. I ran out of scanned postcards, although I still have tons of cards. I am so busy with work on weekdays. I travel to the National Library on Saturdays to find old books (I mean it) about pre-war Manila for my other blog. And I usually sleep on Sundays!

Another reason that I visit the National Library is that I am doing a research about the history of postcards in the Philippines. Most online sites discuss the history of postcards in general, not one local site has a history of postcards in the Philippines. I was able to find two books about Philippine picture postcards, although I learned that there were 3 published books (the library does not have a copy of the third one).

I have also asked permission to online postcard sites for content, so I believe I now have sufficient information for me to be able to start writing the history of postcards in the country and in general. As soon as I am able to finish the draft, I will post it here.

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