13 October, 2008

Catalogue of Philippine Picture Postcards: American Period 1898-1941

(2) Catalogue of Philippine Picture Postcards: American Period 1898-1941
Author: Conrado F. Ciriaco
Copyright: 1995
Pages: 200

The author started as a stamp collector, later also became a coin collector and now an avid picture postcard collector. This book contains more than a thousand postcards from his collection, old Philippine picture postcards of the bygone era during the US Administration in the Philippines from 1898 to 1941.

Most of the old picture postcards shown depict historical events, local scenes, people, animals, different provinces and cities during the period, old US Army camps and forts, ships and boats, old buildings that do not even exist anymore, manners, customs and traditions, costumes, local transportation and practically all phases of life prevalent in the Philippines during the period of the US colonization of the islands.

What's so interesting is that the book outlines the history (best I have read so far) of Philippine postcards, from the pioneer era up to the photochrome era (1939-present). It includes the valuation of all picture postcards in the book and their grading value. It also provides an extensive list of printers/publishers of Philippine postcards during the American era and abbreviations/symbols that are commonly used for picture postcards.

Best part is that most of the Philippine picture postcards are illustrated in color in reduced format. Some of my reproduced colored postcards can be seen in this book.

I found a copy of this book on Philippine eBay but it's so expensive. Still contemplating on buying the book or not, or try my luck at antique shops/bookstores (it's already out of print).

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