14 October, 2008

Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920

Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920
Author: Jonathan Best
Publisher: Bookmark, Inc.
Copyright: 1994
Pages: 119

Jonathan Best is a book author and an arts and culture consultant. As I've said he is an avid collector of Philippine photographs and postcards and has published two books "Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920" and "A Philippine Album: American Era Photographs."

Philippine Picture Postcards 1900-1920 not only provides a simple history of early postcards but also gives the reader a fascinating portrait of the Philippines during the first two decades of this century. It offers us a visual memory of a time which still retained much of the charm of the 19th century. As well all know much of the Spanish-Asian cityscape of Manila was made rubble by World War II.

The period selected (1900-1920) is one when the Philippines became well known as "Pearl of the Orient." It was American tourism promotion and governmental propaganda that would really popularize the distinctive designation. The 180 postcards illustrated in the book are among the most beautiful and historically interesting Philippine cards from his collection of around 2000 postcards (lots of old Philippine cards are still in archives and private collections). It presents a selection of different types of cards and a wide range of images from Luzon to Mindanao.

Some of my reproduced colored postcards can also be seen in this book.

*The book won the 1994 National Book Awards Best Book Design.


Raul said...

Though it doesn't cover postcards, I can also recommend Christian Perez'
s "Catalog of Philippine Stereoviews", 2002 as reference for Filipiniana. It covers stereoviews. He is a Frenchman who used to work at the ADB but has retired in Manila.

the viajero said...

i had come across of that book, and the views are really interesting.. will surely buy that one soon.. thanks for the recommendation

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. You may want to check http://www.imagesofasia.com/philippines.php for a growing collection of old Philippine postcards, properly restored with original titles, etc.

Victoria Avi said...

I've been looking for this book in Manila but I couldn't find one. :(

Anyone knows where I can buy this?

All I see is that it's available in amazon and ebay but I wouldn't want to but from those sites. Thanks thee. :)

filipino deltiologist said...

hi victoria

will try to visit the bookmark store in makati and check if they still have this book on stock. i purchased this book in a book fair for 300 bucks.