11 October, 2008

the postcard magic!!!

A lot of people might ask, "Why postcards?" Deltiologists can give you different answers. But in the end, for me, it'll all be the same, "Postcards provide a wealth of information." Postcard shows history, fashions, sporting events, horrific accidents, great exhibitions, or even wars. They show the development of rail, road, sea and air transport. For example, a 1930s Baguio or Cebu or New York postcards can be a snapshot of what the cities looked like then. One can observe the changes that have taken place over the years. A grand hotel before can be a shopping mall now. As the Postcard Traders Association says, "..a moment, a slice of history, frozen in time." And postcards really are.

I have these 1915 postmarked postcards with messages expressing love and a birthday greeting. This is the one other reason I love postcards. The picture, message and address are part of the life of two people - the sender and the recipient - in the past. You would wonder how the two people must have felt when they sent and received the postcard; there was still no SMS, email or telephone back then!

Postcards can be fascinating and educational - but they never fail to interest. The more postcards I collect the more I learn about our history; as my collection grows so does my knowledge.

UPDATE: Finally, after rummaging the shelves (and some unfriendly staff) at the National Library, I found the third postcard book! I have to edit my draft again.

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