17 November, 2008

Provincial Capitol of Basilan Postcard

The postcard supposedly shows the Provincial Capitol of Basilan; however, when I try to research it, the provincial capitol does not even look as what is shown in the postcard.

Provincial Capitol of Basilan PostcardProvincial Capitol of Basilan Postcard

Basilan Provincial Capitol is former site of Fort Isabela Segunda, Isabela City, Basilan. T
he original Fort was bombed and destroyed towards the end of World War II, having been used by the occupying Japanese forces as a munitions dump. A newer capitol building was built on the spot where the old Basilan City Hall stood after it was burned in the early 1990s. The new building is a celebration of Muslim and Christian influences which shaped modern-day Basilan, and still occupies the highest point of the City proper.

Could the postcard show the old Basilan City Hall and not the provincial capitol?

Basilan Wikitravel Entry

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Jamju Rivera said...

Yes, that is the old Basilan City Hall (1948-1975), which was converted to the Provincial Capitol (1975-1992)... it burned down, and was replaced by the new Capitol Building which was inaugurated in 1998.