02 November, 2008

UPDATE: San Miguel Brewery Postcard

San Miguel Brewery Postcard

Location of the Brewery: Formerly located at General Solano Street, in San Miguel, Manila (The building, I believe, was demolished to make way to a new building in the Malacanang compound).

General Solano Street: Located in San Miguel. Named after Ramon Solano of Llanderone who became governor-general on January12, 1860. During his short reign, civil government in Manila, Monte de Piedad, Quinta Market and the Statue of Queen Isabella II were established.

Catalogue of Philippine Picture Postcards American Period:1898-1941
by Conrado F. Ciriaco

Daluyan: Historical Dictionary of the Streets of Manila
by National Historical Institute, p. 37

San Miguel Brewery Postcard

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