01 November, 2008

UPDATE: Chinese Laborers and Freight Hauler Postcards

Chinese Laborers Postcard

Finally, thanks to Mr. Price, the church that can be seen behind the Chinese Laborers in the postcard is nameless no more. It is actually the Sta. Cruz Church in Manila. Actually what can be seen in the postcard is the rear of Santa Cruz Church. The men are standing on the ramp of Santa Cruz Bridge, and in the background is Plaza Goiti, now Plaza Lacson.

The Jesuits built the first Roman Catholic Church in the area where the present Santa Cruz Parish stands on June 20, 1619. The Jesuits enshrined the image of the Our Lady of Pillar in 1643 to serve the pre-dominantly Chinese residents in the area, in which many of them were converted into the Catholic faith.

Freight Haulers Postcard

Another postcard that depicts the rear of the Sta. Cruz Church is the Freight Hauler postcard (shown above). One can notice the circular rose window above another window. Those windows can also be seen on the first postcard.


Raul said...

I was very pleased to find this blog! I have been collecting vintage Philippine postcards for a while myself. You mentioned a couple of names of other deltiologists I've been in touch with as well as books on the topic of collecting Filipiniana and Filipino ephemera.

the viajero said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog... another acquaintance of a deltiologist collecting phil postcards! please do leave me your email, so i can introduce you myself properly.. well the three books are the only ones i found about phil postcards.. i hope there could be more! again thanks