31 December, 2008

Manila City Hall Postcards

The postcards show the Manila City Hall and its clock tower. The original Manila City Hall was built during the early days of American occupation. A new city hall was constructed in 1937, with then Manila Mayor Juan Posadas, Jr., lobbying for a new City Hall. The building had an initial appropriation of Php500,000. Building plans were prepared by Architect Antonio Toledo of the Bureau of Public Works. In 1939, with only a major southern portion of the complex was built, Mayor Posadas died.

Manila City Hall Postcard 1

The edifice is a four-level floor with the clock tower located five levels higher on the north side, and with a garden at the center of the complex. The present city hall is a restoration after it was partially destroyed during World War II. The building proper, if seen from above, resembles a coffin with the clock tower as its candle.

Manila City Hall Postcard 2

The clock tower became a distinctive trademark of the city and the city hall. The clock tower is part of the 5000 square meter Manila City Hall building bounded by Taft Avenue on the West side, Concepcion Road on the north and Arroceros Street on the east. It took about four years to complete the whole complex with the signature clock tower in its northern portion. It was patterned after the famous "Big Ben" clock tower in London.

Manila City Hall Postcard 3

In November 1998, the clock tower (three meters in circumference) was restored to its original state, with the four faces synchronized.

Manila City Hall Postcard 4

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