13 January, 2009

Ma-Cho Temple Postcard

Here is a regular-sized postcard of the Ma-Cho Temple. The 1-hectare Ma-cho temple has an eight-inch wooden image of Ma Cho, a Chinese deity, which has has a counterpart in the Roman Catholic faith known as the “Virgin of Caysasay” who is enshrined at the Basilica of Saint Martin in Taal, Batangas. The Ma cho image is adorned with traditional Chinese head dress and richly colored robe. Ma Cho’s oriental eyes are closed while her hands are clasped together at her chest.

Ma-Cho Temple Postcard

Also housed in the sacred temple is Tho Ti Kong or God on Earth. In another garden stands the statue of yet another important Chinese diety, Kuan Yi Ma or God of Mercy.

Ma Cho Temple
San Fernando Cultural & Historical Sites: Ma-Cho Temple

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