10 January, 2009

Molo Church, Iloilo City Postcard

The postcard shows the Church of St. Anne or the Molo Church in the Molo District of Iloilo City. It is actually a multi-view postcard that shows the facade and nave of the church. The church is dedicated to St. Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Molo Church Postcard

The church architecture is Gothic, but some sources online say Gothic-Renaissance. Its two belfries had around 30 bells of different sizes, ranging from small hand bells to big campaniles. Molo Church was constructed in 1831 under Fray Pablo MontaƱo, and further expanded and finished by Fray Agapito Buenaflor in 1888 under the supervision of Don Jose Manuel Locsin.

The church, also called Women's Church, has larger than life images of female saints lined in two rows (eight on each side) inside the church, each standing on a pedestal attached to a massive stone pillar and under the Gothic style canopy. These saints are Sta. Marcela, Apolonia, Genoveva, Isabel, Felicia, Ines, Monica, Magdalena, Juliana, Lucia, Rosa de Lima, Teresa, Clara, Cecilia, Margarita and Marta.

Molo Church: Her Story, The News Today Article

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