16 January, 2009

Philippine Military Academy Postcard

This is a multi-view postcard of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio City. The PMA site is now referred to as Fort Del Pilar.

The images on the upper part of the postcard, from left to right, are the entrance of PMA and the Melchor Hall; lower part are the Relics Point and Groove '55.

Philippine Military Academy Postcard

I was only able to find information about Melchor Hall. No information about Relics Point (showing tanks, etc.) and the Groove '55 can be found online.

The Melchor Hall was named in honor of Alejandro Melchor, a Filipino civil engineer, mathematician, educator, and member of the Cabinet of the Philippines who was known for his work on pontoon bridges during the Second World War.

Philippine Military Academy Postcards

Alejandro Melchor Wikipedia Entry

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