17 January, 2009

Philippine Military Academy Postcard

This is another multi-view postcard of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). The images on the upper part of the postcard, from left to right, are the monument of a large shako and the PMA Cadets; lower part are the St. Ignatius Chapel and the amphitheater.

Philippine Military Academy Postcard

The PMA cadets use the shako, a tall, cylindrical military cap, usually adorned with some kind of ornamental plate or badge on the front, metallic or otherwise, and often has a feather, plume, or pompon attached at the top. Aside from the shako, cadets also wear rayadillo material in their dress uniform. Rayadillo was also used by the Revolutionary Army of the First Philippine Republic under Emilio Aguinaldo.

St. Ignatius Chapel was built in 1959 for the cadets of the Philippine Military Academy. The chapel used to be a hill, explaining why it is composed of twenty five steps.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the
amphitheater, its construction or history.

Philippine Military Academy Postcards

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Philippine Military Academy


Anonymous said...

My Name is Jerry Tioaquen, I designed the amphitheater under the supervision of Col. Crisostomo Ramos who was the command engineer in 1982. Its other function is to control the errosion in that area. The project was sponsored by the 'class of 59. Locano Construction won the bid and built the amphi.

filipino deltiologist said...

Hi Jerry! thank you so much for the information. will post an update regarding the amphi.. again, thanks