19 February, 2009

Airlines Terminal Building Postcard

The postcard shows the now-demolished Airlines Terminal at 42nd Street and Park Avenue (directly across from Grand Central Station) in New York City. The Art Deco-style building was designed by John B. Peterkin, constructed in 1939 and replaced the 22-story Belmont. The idea of the "terminal" is that one could buy here a ticket and ride on a dedicated bus to the LaGuardia or Newark Airports. Airlines that served here include American Airlines, Eastern Air Lines, Transcontinental & Western Air, United Air Lines and Pan American Airways System.

Airlines Terminal Building Postcard

Rene Paul Chambellan sculpted the large eagles on the roof. The eagles were saved and moved to Best Foods in Richmond, Virgina. Oscar B. Bach was commissioned to do the polychrome stainless steel mural map of the world in niche above main entrance, four Plexiglas wing-shaped shafts supporting a modern clock, and the arching mural with zodiac frieze.

The Airlines Terminal Building was razed for the construction in 1982 of the Philip Morris Building that now occupies the site.

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Airlines Terminal Building

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