20 February, 2009

Cathedral of Trier and Church of Our Lady Postcard

The postcard shows the Cathedral of Saint Peter (on the left) and the Church of Our Lady (on the right) in Trier, Germany. The Cathedral of Saint Peter in Trier is the oldest cathedral in Germany. The history of the cathedral begins in Roman times when a church was built by Constantine. The West front in five symmetrical sections remains typical of Romanesque architecture. The cathedral's central attraction is the Holy Robe of Christ. The relic is enshrined in a reliquary housed in the baroque Chapel of the Holy Robe, located behind the altar.

Cathedral of Trier and Church of Our Lady Postcard

The Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) is a 13th-century parish church in Trier, separated from Cathedral of Saint Peter by a narrow passageway. The Liebfrauenkirche, in the shape of a Greek cross, was completed in 1260 and was one of the first Gothic churches in Germany. In 1951, the Pope designated the church a Minor Basilica.

Since 1986 the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Church of Our Dear Lady have been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

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