12 March, 2009

M36: Nipa Hut Postcard

The 3D postcard shows a typical provincial view after harvest. It shows a young boy riding a Philippine bull, rice stacks called mandala, and the nipa hut.

M36: Nipa Hut Postcard

The nipa hut, also known as bahay kubo, is an indigenous house used in the Philippines. Its name is said to have originated from the Spanish word, cubo, which means “cube,” because of the bahay kubo's rectangular/cubic shape.

The nipa hut is constructed out of bamboo tied together, with a thatched roof using nipa/anahaw leaves. The walls are made of nipa and cogon leaves or sawali or woven bamboo, and there are large windows on all sides, which keep the interior well-ventilated.

Bahay Kubo WikiPilipinas Entry

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